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Repelz-It Nanosuede Quilted Coat Plum Small

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Repelz-It Nanosuede Quilted Coat Plum Small

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Keep your pooch looking clean and healthy with this Repelz-It Nanosuede Quilted Coat that resists pet stains, dirt, liquid, pet odour and bacteria from clinging to the jacket!

Products using Repelz-It Nanoprotection stay cleaner, longer and do not have to be washed as often.

The stylish Nanosuede Quilted Coat features a soft suede outer with Repelz-It Nanoprotection, a plaid fleece lining and velcro closures with an elastic waist band for a comfy fit for your pooch.

Pets can chew items unexpectedly, please remove item immediately if torn or damaged.

Seek veterinary attention If any material is ingested.

Please click on the below video to see this coat being modelled

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