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Fish Training Kit (Online Only)

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Fish Training Kit (Online Only)

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The R2 Fish School Complete Fish Training Kit explains in simple, detailed steps how to easily train your fish.

Each kit includes an instructional DVD with 45 minutes of training information and a detailed instructional manual.

The R2 Fish School training platform (the arena for your fish tricks) has a compact base to fit fish bowls or small tanks and includes over 20 compatible training accessories.

Almost all fish 1 - 6 inches in length can be trained.

Moor goldfish, Oranda goldfish, Cichlids, Bettas, fancy goldfish are among the many types of fish that have been successfully trained.

Your pet fish can learn to play fetch, shoot hoops, swim the slalom, do the limbo, swim through barrels and kick a goal! You will be surprised by your little clever cloggs!

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 6.6 x 17.5 x 28.9cm