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Tetra Safestart 50ml

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Tetra Safestart 50ml

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Creates a biologically active environment to allow the safe and fast introduction of fish into a newly set up aquarium.

Tetra SafeStart contains specially bred, living nitrifying bacteria that substantially reduce harmful ammonia and nitrite in tanks.

It reduces the ammonia content by up to fourteen times and the nitrite content by up to tenfold.

It can be used when setting up a new aquarium, as well as after use of medicinal products and after every water change.

Tetra Safestart is an ideal combination with AquaSafe, which establishes an ideal environment for bacteria, thanks to the BioExtract formula.

It will keep for 12 months without cooling at temperatures between 2 and 30 degrees celcius.

Suitable for all freshwater aquariums.

Apply to aquarium at the same time as new fish, after routine aquarium maintainance to boost filter bacteria and following high levels of Ammonia and Nitrite.

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5 x 2.5 x 9.5cm