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Blagdon Pond Duckweed Buster (Online Only)

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Blagdon Pond Duckweed Buster (Online Only)

Use this effective Duckweed Buster to help rid your pond of the unsightly and potentially dangerous problematic weed!

The invasive circular leaved plant can rapidly divide to cover the entire surface of the pond and cut out light which can kill submerged aquatic life if it is not treated.

Duckweed buster prevents the duckweed from taking in the nutrients it needs to grow, causing it to die back.

It is important to use duckweed buster as the duckweed also disguises where the water starts and ends, which can potentially be dangerous to wildlife, furry animals and children.

100ml of Duckweed Buster can treat up to 909 litres of pond water

Ingredients: Naturally occuring bacterial blend (liquid).

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 19.95 x 10.45 x 4.75cm