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Tetra Pro Vegetable Tropical Fish Food 40gm

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Tetra Pro Vegetable Tropical Fish Food 40gm

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This Tetra Pro Vegetable is an advanced daily diet for all tropical fish, with concentrated vegetable crisps.

Vegetable Crisps contain a concentrated source of Spirulina for health and increased disease resistance.

This food is ideal for herbivorous fish, such as mollies, certain barbs and gouramis, and Lake Malawi cichlids.

It has been produced using Tetra's patented Crisp Technology, for less waste and clearer, cleaner water.

The improved digestibility delivers better nutrition compared to flakes and the low heat process preserves more essential nutrients than flakes.

Nitrogen and phosphorus production is reduced, helping to control algae and solid waste production is reduced, making the aquarium easier to maintain.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): H 11.6 x W 6 x D 6 cm