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Hay Bedding for Small Animals

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Hay Bedding for Small Animals

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Suitable for the following small animal breeds:
Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits etc.

Compressed Hay Bedding by Pets at Home makes an ideal bedding and food supplement for your small animal, providing a rich source of dietary fibre.

Biodegradable - safe on the environment
Dust Free - to help keep your animal healthy
Short Strands - making it gentle on your small animal.

Pets at Home Hay will help to create a soft, warm and cosy home for your animal.

By gently compressing the hay it greatly reduces packaging and is therefore friendlier to the environment.

When removed from this pack, the hay expands to up to 8 times the volume.

Material: Hay.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): Medium: 44cm x 29cm x 9cm Large: 44cm x 29cm x 17cm