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Hilife Daily Dental Dog Chews Mint 12 Pack

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Hilife Daily Dental Dog Chews Mint 12 Pack

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HiLife Special Care is a range of products designed to help you care for your canine companion with healthy alternatives more appropriate to his age, size and lifestyle.
Around 80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from some kind of dental problem so it£+£s important to keep your dog£+£s teeth and gums healthy.
Left unchecked, a dog£+£s normal diet can lead to tartar build-up which in turn can cause inflammation and pain in the teeth and gums.

Research shows that daily use of chews like HiLife Daily Dental Chews can reduce tartar build-up, help keep teeth and gums clean and healthy, and keep breath fresh.
Dogs naturally chew so you can be sure your dog will enjoy using these chews much more than a toothbrush.

HiLife Daily Dental Chews are made from natural hide, so they may vary in size, shape and colour.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): H12x W12x D20cm.