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Hill's Prescription Diet w/d Canine 370gm (Online Only)

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Hill's Prescription Diet w/d Canine 370gm (Online Only)

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For weight maintenance in dogs:

  • Reduced energy and fat to help avoid weight gain.
  • Added L-carnitine to help burn fat as energy and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • High fibre to increase dietary bulk which helps dogs feel full.

For dogs with fibre-responsive conditions:

  • Diabetes mellitus: High fibre helps manage blood glucose fluctuations for diabetic patients.
  • Colitis: High fibre modifies bowel transit time.
  • Constipation: High fibre absorbs water and increases bowel motility.

For obese-prone dogs with struvite bladder stones:

  • Encourages formation of an acidic urinary pH to increase the solubility of struvite.
  • Reduced magnesium and phosphorus to reduce the urinary building blocks of struvite crystals and bladder stones.

To feed this product requires regular advice from your veterinarian.

Ask your vet about Prescription Diet foods and they will advise you on appropriate foods, feeding guidelines and duration.

If you have any queries relating to the feeding of the diet email us at Contact Us

Approximate Dimensions (Product): H100 x W76 x D76mm