Cat Grooming Tips

If you think grooming is an activity reserved for dogs and their owners, think again! It's fair to say that cats do have a certain knack for keeping themselves clean and neat (most of the time), but that doesn't mean that their health and happiness couldn't benefit from a good grooming. Experts at the Groom Room are best placed to look over your pet and give you advice on how best to keep up their appearances away from the pet salon, but there are some quick and easy ways to groom your kitty at home too.

Grooming your cat yourself is an ideal way to bond with them, as most cats we know love to be pampered! Looking after them by brushing them, bathing them, and taking care of those pesky long nails not only creates a level of trust between you and your cat, it also allows you to keep an eye on their overall health and wellbeing.

Though cats are traditionally very clean animals, by grooming them sufficiently you're likely to reduce the risk of hairballs, notice fleas before they become a major, house-wide issue and you'll be able to keep an eye out for any unusual lumps or bumps. Remember, always pop to your vets if you find anything that you're unsure about!

Nervous cats might be more reluctant to allow you to groom them, but by pursuing little and often, they'll soon realise that it's not to harm them but to help. Be sure to chat to our in-store advisors if you're having difficulty getting into a routine - it may transpire that just a little encouragement in the form of a treat is all that's required.

As well as regular grooming at home you may need to take you cat to a professional grooming salon, especially if they are long-haired, as specialists will be trained to carry out a more thorough grooming routine. You'll find our Groom Room salons in many of our branches - be sure to look at our treatment menu and get your cat booked in today!

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