Dog Grooming Tips

No matter what breed of dog you have - large or small - there is no doubt that they could greatly benefit from a really good grooming session once in a while. Though dedicated professionals in our Groom Room are best placed to provide expert care for your pooch, there are some ways that you can groom your dog at home in between visits to the doggy salon!

Not only does grooming offer the chance for you to keep tabs on the health of your dog, it is also a process that can bring you closer together. As such, it's important that they get used to the process as puppies. The younger they are when they're groomed for the first time, the more chance you've got of them staying still for grooming as they grow! The motion of grooming can be a very soothing action for a dog if they trust the person doing it, and it'll keep them stay looking good, feeling happy, and most importantly, keeping healthy.

From nail clipping to fur brushing, with a good, soapy hose-down in the bath for good measure, grooming time with your dog allows you the chance to look out for any abnormalities that may be present, such as fleas or ticks, ringworm or any lumps. Remember that if you do notice anything, it's important that you take your pup to the vet to get it looked over.

Ultimately, grooming is one of the best ways for you to bond with your pup, and if it helps keep them healthy too? Brilliant! Read on for more information on key grooming actions like nail clipping, brushing and bathing, and don't forget, if you think it might just be easier to have an expert thoroughly pamper your pooch, or just fancy getting some advice, pop into your local Groom Room where a member of our expert team will be happy to help!

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