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BecoBowl - The Eco Friendly Cat Bowl

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BecoBowl - The Eco Friendly Cat Bowl

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Perfect for cats and small dogs, the BecoBowl is the first, and award winning, eco friendly pet bowl that is completely sustainable to produce and fully biodegradable once thrown away.

Designed to be eco-friendly and functional, the BecoBowl is dishwasher friendly and will last for years in the home.

Why not combine your BecoBowl with a Beco Food Scoop and spoil your pet without spoiling the environment.

The composition of the BecoBowl is around 80% bamboo fibres and rice husks.

Rice husks are a by-product of rice production, so it is a great material to use, as it is normally thrown away! Bamboo is a breed of grass that grows incredibly fast, which means all the bamboo that is used can be sustainably grown.

Both these materials are mixed with a resin that bonds all the fibres together and also importantly allows the mix to break down once your scoop ends up in landfill or a compost environment.

Your BecoBowl will take from between 3-5 years to biodegrade after it has been thrown away.

Colours and styles may vary.

Only one supplied.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):
17cm x 17cm x 6cm