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Liquifry No 2

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Liquifry No 2

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Interpet Liquifry No 2 is for baby live bearer fish.

Fish are categorised into two main groups by the way they breed.

Egglaying females scatter their eggs onto rocks or leaves, where they are fertilised by the males.

The egglayer fry then take a few days to develop and hatch out.

With livebearer fish, the eggs are fertilised whilst in the female.

The eggs develop inside the female and are born as free swimming baby fish.

Baby fish are known as fry.

Fry born by these different methods have slightly different nutritional requirement and Interpet Liquifry No.

2 is suitable for most livebearers.

The pre soaked particles are suspended in liquid to ensure the live bearing fish consume a sufficient and nourishing diet.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 11 x 6 x 3.5cm