About Raw Feeding

Raw feeding or BARF, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods, is a diet based on the principle that dogs and cats are carnivores designed to eat raw meat and bones due to the their teeth structure, jaws, stomach acid PH and digestive system.

Naturally nourishing, easily digested and highly palatable, raw feeding is growing in popularity with pet owners as it is an excellent alternative to a dried and processed diet and can be particularly beneficial for dogs and cats with sensitive digestion or food intolerances.

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Choose from a wide selection of raw frozen ready meals that are so simple to feed, complete & nurtitionally balanced - Just measure, thaw and serve.
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A natural and healthy collection of easy to serve complete and balanced frozen meals and pouches. Plus tasty real meat snacks and treats.
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Some commonly reported benefits of feeding a raw diet are:
✔ Fresher breath, cleaner whiter teeth
✔ More stable energy - less hyperactivity
✔ Easier to digest, sensitive stomachs improve
✔ Reduction of allergies and intolerances
✔ Highly palatable – suits even the fussiest
    of eaters
Natures Menu cans and pouches are sealed raw and then gently steam cooked to seal in the nutrients.
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It’s possible to make up home-made raw meals for your dogs with a variety of ingredients including Meat Minces, Meaty Bones, Ground Fruit and Vegetables, and for some dogs a non-starchy grain such Natures Menu baked oat Mighty Mixer.
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Premium meaty nuggets, freeze dried to lock in flavour, are complimented by a generous portion of oats, fruits and vegetables which are gently baked into a crunchy meal your dog will love.
Natures Menu natural pet foods are...
✔ Free From Preservatives
✔ Free From Colourings
✔ Free From Flavourings
✔ Free From Geling and thickening agents
✔ Free From Added sugars
✔ Free From Meat meals or meat derivatives
✔ Grain and Gluten Free options available!
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Raw bones & chews encourage your dog to naturally clean their teeth, promote healthy gums and provide additional nutritional value. The range includes beef tracheas, ribs, duck wings and neck. Natures menu have a tasty selection of meaty freeze dried and semi moist treats too.