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MicroClimate B1ME Dimmestat Magic Eye (Online Only)

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MicroClimate B1ME Dimmestat Magic Eye (Online Only)

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The Microclimate Dimming thermostat with magic eye is for night time drop for controlling up to 600 watts of any heat source.

The simple plug and go MicroClimate Dimmerstat will allow you to keep the temperatures in your reptiles home at a safe level, keeping them happy and healthy.

Dimming thermostats supply constant variable power amounts to the heating device.

This means that MicroClimate dimming thermostats can help sustain an almost constant temperature with no major fluctuations between on and off periods.

The dimming thermostat is good for anything which emits light as it will not turn off the light once the temperature is reached, keeping a full daytime period for your reptile instead of multiple mini sun sets and sun rises.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 40 x 75 x 100cm