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Nugget Rat Food

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Nugget Rat Food

Suitable for the following small pet breeds:


Nugget Food for Rats by Pets at Home is a complementary rat food containing a balance of ingredients providing:

Chicken Protein;
Profeed - boosts your rat£££s digestion and general health.

Rats, just like us can be fussy eaters and can be prone to eating only the parts of a traditional muesli food that they like, which can result in your rat not receiving a balanced diet.

Pets at Home Rat Food Nuggets are a great choice, with all the essential nutrition of a muesli food blended into one tasty nugget.

Like all small pets, your rat's teeth will continually grow, so it is important to add chews for your rat to ensure its teeth stay healthy and trim, as well as providing a source of exercise and entertainment.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 30 x 17 x 9cm.