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Single Door Dog Training Crate

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Single Door Dog Training Crate

This Single Door Dog Crate by Pets at Home is made from strong and sturdy black epoxy coated metal, making it suitable for even the most boisterous dogs and is quick and easy to assemble with no tools required.

This crate has one front door, making it easy to access and clean and can also be folded down for easy storage.

The Wire Dog Crate by Pets at Home is a useful training tool for owners of dogs of any age and is ideal for house training, travel, prevention of and assistance in resolving behavioural problems.

Provides a safe and secure place to sleep.

Before using the crate, remove your dogs collar and place suitable bedding into the crate to make it a comfortable and inviting place to rest.

Do not leave your dog unattended for long periods of time.

Never leave your dog alone with toys or items likely to cause injury.

Make sure you position your crate in a private but accessible place which is free from draughts.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

X Small - 49 x 44 x 61.5cm (suitable for Toy Poodle, King Charles Spaniel, Westie*)
Small - 53.5 x 49 x 77cm (suitable for Medium Poodle, Beagle, Whippet*)
Medium - 61.5 x 57.5 x 91.5cm (suitable for Border Collie, Bulldog, Standard Poodle*)
Large - 77 x 72 x 108.5cm (suitable for Airedale, Dalmatian, Pointer*)
X Large - 81.5 x 77 x 119cm (suitable for Weimeraner, Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog*)
*These breeds are intended as a guide only as the size of your dog may vary