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Medium Tooth Comb

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Medium Tooth Comb

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The Medium Tooth Comb by Pets At home is perfect for removing tangles, dead hair and to help maintain your pet's coat.

The medium teeth are perfect for removing Larger knots that the fine comb may get entangled in.

You should groom your pet on a regular basis, especially during the moulting season or before bathing.

This will help to ensure that your pet remains looking their best, with a knot free, shiny coat.

Directions for use:
Start off your grooming routine using the your grooming routine using the comb, this will help you to identify any stubborn knots, tangles or mats.

Starting at the neck comb in the direction that your pet's coat grows, combing Small sections at a time.

Comb the entire coat to ensure that all knots and dead hair are removed.

Use a finer comb to remove Smaller knots and to add finishing touches to your pet£+£s coat.

You should groom your pet at least twice a week.

H16.5 x W3 x D0.5cm.