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Good Boy Clean Green Dog Loo Bioactivator Capsules

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Good Boy Clean Green Dog Loo Bioactivator Capsules

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The Clean Green Dog Loo by Good Boy is the environmentally friendly way to dispose of your pets stools.

Simple to install and easy to use, the Clean Green Doo Loo comprises of a circular container with drainage slots, which sits onto the top of a small container.

The waste is placed inside and is closed using a unique twist-lock lid.

A scoop is also provided for the hygienic disposal of waste.

The Dog Loo is discreet and can be placed anywhere in your garden and works whether you have a small urban garden or landscaped grounds.

It works by quickly turning the solid waste into liquid which is then safely released into the soil.

The loo uses a harmless Bioactivator containing natural enzyme to speed the breakdown process.

All you need to do is add a capsule of Bioactivator and 0.5 litres of water each week; and flush through occasionally to keep the unit working effectively.

No smells, No flies, No worries!

The Good Boy Dog Loo, safe, clean and green, and suitable for all sizes of dog, and for use throughout the year.

Create a safer, cleaner garden for you, your family and your pets.

The Dog Loo is a sensible solution to pet waste and it works with cat poo too!

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 4 x 18 x 23cm