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Carpet Python

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Carpet Python

These reptiles are currently only available in our Stockport, Fort Kinnaird and New Malden stores.

Please contact these stores directly to check for availability before travelling.

Carpet Pythons make fascinating pets suitable for adults and teenagers.

They are relatively easy to keep and care for once set up in the correct environment.

Carpet Pythons can be handled, however regular handling is needed to ensure these snakes develop a calm attitude.

As youngsters, they can be anxious and do not like being handled, they will almost always try to flee rather than bite, however some individuals may take longer than others to calm down.

Carpet Pythons will often live for over 20 years, so will be a long term commitment for anyone thinking of keeping one.

Carpet pythons are a fairly long slender snake and length can vary somewhat, some can grow to 300cm however more commonly you would see a adult Carpet python reach a length of 220cm -250cm.

These snakes are nocturnal, becoming most active after dark, so they will hide and sleep during the daytime when the light is switched on and will then come out when the lights are turned off.

They are semi-arboreal meaning they spend a great deal of time in bushes and trees, and will enjoy climbing over vivarium decor.

They should be given areas in the higher parts of the vivarium where they will often rest, in real or artificial branches and plants.

Carpet Pythons do not have the same needs for companionship as most mammals do, so are happily kept on their own.

It is advisable to keep them singularly as aggression can be shown between individuals.

Following a shed, it is essential for you to ensure that all the skin has been removed, especially around the eyes and tip of the tail.

Any remaining skin should be bathed and gently rubbed to assist in removal of the excess skin.

All vets have a basic understanding of reptiles but those with a specialist interest are worth seeking out.

If your pet shows signs of being unwell, contact your vet as soon as possible.