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Crocodile Skink

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Crocodile Skink

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Crocodile Skinks are small, terrestrial lizards, living mainly in the undergrowth of tropical forests.

They are also found predominantly around the banks of ponds, lakes, rivers and streams and need access to water for bathing.

They are named for the resemblance of their skin to that of a crocodile, they have large ridged scales and are also streamlined for swimming.

Crocodile Skinks are mostly nocturnal, which means they are active during the night, and can live for about 12 £ 15 years.

They need housing with plenty of room to move, hide and bathe.

As they inhabit the forest floor they need plenty of hiding places to feel secure, artificial or real foliage is also a good idea.

They grow to around 20-25cm long, but they still require a spacious vivarium.

Crocodile Skinks do not have the same needs for company as many mammals and can be kept on their own.

It is often not possible to sex them when they are small but mature males show larger scales around their cloaca.

If they have large enough space, both sexes can be usually kept together with few issues.

If males and females are kept together they may breed.

Two males kept together could become territorial and fight.

All vets have a basic understanding of reptiles but those with a specialist interest are worth seeking out.

Insurance against unexpected veterinary costs is available in just the same way as it is for cats and dogs.

If your pet shows any signs of being unwell contact your vet as soon as possible.