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Fire Salamander

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Fire Salamander

These reptiles are currently only available in our Stockport, Fort Kinnaird and New Malden stores.

Please contact these stores directly to check for availability before travelling.

Fire Salamanders are ideal pets for older children and adults.

They are fur, feather and dust free so will not cause any of the allergic reactions that may be associated with other pets, and do not smell if maintained correctly.

They are a very easy amphibian to care for and are a good introduction to amphibian keeping.

They have bright colours and they can become quite tame over time.

They grow to about 25cm and are black and bright yellow in colour.

This colouration is used to warn potential predators they are not good to eat! There are many different subspecies that have variation in the patterning of black and yellow.

Fire Salamanders can live for over 20 years, so please be aware that these animals may be a long-term commitment.

Fire Salamanders are quite sociable and like to live in groups.

A converted fish tank would be ideal for this purpose but it must have a close fitting lid to prevent the salamanders escaping as they are quite good climbers.

Fire Salamanders are generally very hardy animals and do not normally suffer from many health problems.

If a problem does occur, the majority consist of bacterial and fungal infections.

These usually develop if the salamander has been stressed; for example by high temperature, incorrect humidity or poor handling.

Always seek veterinary advice if your salamander appears unwell.