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Kenyan Sand Boa Gonglyophis Colubrinus (Store Only)

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Kenyan Sand Boa Gonglyophis Colubrinus (Store Only)

Available in Stockport and New Malden stores only.

They are great little snakes and super easy to care for.

They also tend to be very docile and placid so can be considered good as a first snake.

They are captive bred, and are originally from East Africa.

Therefor their natural habitat is savannah and sand dunes with scrubland vegetation.

They can live for around 10-15 years, grow to about 80cm in length (females maximum, males much smaller), and as with most snakes, they are best kept singly.

Unlike most snakes, their eyes are on top of their heads and are mobile too.

The males have spurs near the base of the tail (the remains of legs).

They spend a lot of time buried in substrate with eyes just showing, this is because they are sit and wait predators.

They enjoy spending the majority of their time in the substrate.

Unlike most snakes, they are live bearers not egg layers.

Their optimum temperature in a hotspot is 32 degrees celsius as the highest, and 28 degrees celsius as the lowest.

Highest ambient 25, lowest ambient 22.

They are most comfortable with their humidity low, about 40%.

Feed them appropriate sized defrosted rodents, this is that the feed should be the same size as widest part of the body.

For their vivarium, we recommend you use aspen bedding, slightly deeper than for other snakes, although you could use sand or dry tortoise substrate as an alternative, as long as the snake can burrow.

A damp hide can be provided.

Use flat rocks placed on the floor of the vivarium so the snake does not burrow underneath, flat cork bark and low branches as decor.

Your snake will be more than happy in their new home when all their needs are met!