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Madagascan Ground Gecko

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Madagascan Ground Gecko

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Madagascan Ground Geckos (also called big-headed geckos or Pictus geckos) are a relatively simple lizard to keep and make great pets for older children and adults.

They are entirely ground dwelling and cannot climb smooth vertical surfaces.

As they are nocturnal, they become active when the vivarium lights are off in the evening.

Smaller geckos can be delicate so younger children must be supervised when handling them but once they are accustomed to you they are easy to handle.

Rough handling can sometimes cause the gecko to shed its tail which it would do naturally in the wild if attacked by a predator.

Madagascan Ground geckos live for about 5-10 years.

They do not grow too large, and can reach an adult size of up 15cm.

Madagascan Ground Geckos do not have the same needs for company as many mammals and will be quite happy on their own.

It is usually not possible to sex them when they are small but when they mature adult males will fight and will need to be separated.

Females will live happily together with or without a single male.

A male with one or two females will form a fairly natural social group if they have enough space but breeding is almost inevitable.

Madagascan Ground Geckos lay eggs which need incubating at the right temperature and when hatched these need to be grown for several weeks before they are allowed to go to new homes.

It is often difficult to find homes for babies.

All vets have a basic understanding of reptiles but those with a specialist interest are worth seeking out.

Insurance against unexpected veterinary costs is available in just the same way as it is for cats and dogs.

If your pet shows any signs of being unwell contact your vet as soon as possible.