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Painted Dragon

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Painted Dragon

These reptiles are currently only available in our Stockport, Fort Kinnaird and New Malden stores.

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Painted Dragons are medium-sized lizards which can reach lengths of up to 30cm.

Their bodies are generally light brown, with orange patches that give them their common name.

Painted Dragons can make excellent pets.

With daily handling they can become tame and respond to their owners.

These lizards are diurnal, which means they are active during the day, and can live for up to about 10 years.

Their general requirements are similar to bearded dragons, but they appreciate a cooler period over the winter months.

Painted Dragons do not have the same needs for company as many mammals and can be kept on their own.

It is often not possible to sex them when they are small but males will fight when they become mature.

A male with one or two females will form a fairly natural social group if they have enough space but breeding is almost inevitable.

Painted Dragons lay eggs which need incubating at the right temperature and when hatched these need to be grown for several weeks away from their parents before they are allowed to go to new homes.

It is often very difficult to find homes for babies.

Females will develop eggs even without access to a male and must have somewhere suitable to lay, otherwise they can become egg bound.

A healthy lizard will be bright eyed, active and searching for food during the day and have strong legs.

If your pet shows any signs of being unwell contact your vet as soon as possible.