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Rainbow Millipedes

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Rainbow Millipedes

These reptiles are currently only available in our Stockport, Fort Kinnaird and New Malden stores.

Please contact these stores directly to check for availability before travelling.

Millipedes are relatively easy invertebrates to keep and make great pets for older children and adults.

Although nocturnal they will become active when the main room or vivarium lights are off in the evening.

Smaller millipedes can be delicate so younger children must be supervised when handling them but once they are accustomed to you they are easy to handle.

If a millipede feels threatened it can exude a chemical to deter predators, so always wash your hands after handling millipedes.

There are several common species kept as pets, most will live for about 5-10 years.

The adult size varies between species, but the largest get to around 30cm long.

Millipedes do not have the same needs for company as many mammals and will be quite happy on their own.

They are not territorial however, and several can live together in large enough vivariums.

Gentle handling is essential but millipedes are delicate so children must always be supervised.

Hold your pets in both hands and allow them to move over them, supporting their whole body.

If your pet shows any signs of being unwell contact your vet as soon as possible.