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Arcadia Uvb Bask Lamp 80w (In Store Only)

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Arcadia Uvb Bask Lamp 80w (In Store Only)

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Make them feel right at home with the New D3 80 Watt

Many species of reptile and amphibian require a warm spot under which they can bask, and become fully engergised with heat and ultra violet.

As in nature, these basking zones should be UV rich and stable.

The D3 80w lamp are a smaller R95 lamp and they emit safe natural amounts of UVB and a balanced UVA similar to wild exposure.

These lamps are particularly suited to being fitted inside wooden vivaria and over mesh top Terraria.

These setups have historically suffered wth heat rising to dangeous levels very quickly, and due to the limitations of height inside the vivarium, many of these lamps have been fitted too close to the animals.

This lamp will enable many more reptile and amphibian keepers to create a good UV rich photogradient within the enclosure.

With a target height of 20-30cms from lamp to animal this is the one stop mini solution to your animals basking needs.

Available in store only.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

19 x 13 x 13cm