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Ergo Raised Dog Feeder

Product Code: P542

Ergo Raised Dog Feeder

The Ergo Raised Dog Feeder by Savic is an elevated dog feeder which includes two removable bowls for dog's who struggle with ground level feeding.

Ideal for:

Mature dogs who struggle to feed from a floor level bowl;
Large dogs who find it easier to feed from a raised level.

Will help to:

Maintain a correct posture during feeding, putting less strain on your dog's back and neck;
Improves your dog's digestion of its food, by reducing the air intake and ensuring a correct eating position;
Will help keep foreign bodies out of your dog's bowl, reducing the risk of your dog picking up food related bugs.

The Ergo Raised Dog Feeder by Savic is easy to clean thanks to its removeable, dishwasher safe stainless steel bowls and the plastic stand can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Colours may vary

Material: Plastic.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): Small: 18.5 x 49 x 28cm; Large: 28 x 61 x 35cm.