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Blue Woodshavings Bedding

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Blue Woodshavings Bedding

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Small Blue Woodshavings Bedding by Pets at Home are suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gernils, Chinchillas, Degus and Mice.

This bedding is great for your small animal and adds a little colour to your small animals home, it is soft and comfortable making them the perfect bedding material for your small animal.

Coloured with small animal safe blue dye,
dust extracted,
natural odour control,

Directions for use:
Cover the floor of your small animals home with 3-6cm of blue woodshavings to make an absorbent and comfortable carsmall animal.

You should change your small animals bedding at least once a week and replace when soiled.

12cm x 31cm x 10cm.