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Nugget Guinea Pig Food

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Nugget Guinea Pig Food

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Suitable for the following small pet breeds:

Guinea Pigs.

Nugget Food for Guinea Pigs by Pets at Home is a complementary adult Guinea Pig food containing a balance of ingredients providing:

Vitamin C;
Profeed - boosts your guinea pigs£££s digestion and general health.

Guinea Pigs, just like us can be fussy eaters and can be prone to eating only the parts of a traditional muesli food that they like, which can result in your guinea pig not receiving a balanced diet.

Nugget Food for Guinea Pigs by Pets at Home is a great choice, with all the essential nutrition of a muesli food blended into one tasty nugget.

Guinea Pigs, like humans, cannot produce their own vitamin C and must receive it via their food.

Nugget Food for Guinea Pigs by Pets at Home contains enhanced vitamin C to boost your guinea pigs immune system and maintain general health.

Your guinea pig£££s diet should be supplemented with additional roughage, which can be provided through feeding hay like the Timothy Hay by Pets at Home.

This not only aids your guinea pig£££s digestion, but the gnawing action will also help to keep its teeth trim and healthy.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 2kg: 40 x 18 x 10cm; 4kg: 40 x 27 x 10cm; 10kg: 70 x 36 x 20cm.