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Water Bottle Snug

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Water Bottle Snug

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Suitable for the following small animal breeds: Guinea Pigs, Rabbits.

The Water Bottle Snug by Scratch and Newton is the revolutionary way to regulate the temperature of your small animal's water bottle.

small animal's like humans, need a fresh supply of cool drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy, the Water Bottle Snug by Scratch and Newton does just that.

Designed with material developed from NASA technology, the Water Bottle Snug will offer ultimate thermal protection for your small animal's water bottle.

The Water Bottle Snug will:

Keep water cool in both the summer and winter;
Restricts direct sunlight to the water bottle, therefore reducing the growth of algae and keeping water fresher for longer;
Is easy to fit in two easy steps with velcro straps;
Fits on round and square bottles with a circumference of 15-25cm.

30 x 20 x 1cm.