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Nobbly Gnawer Small Pet Treat

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Nobbly Gnawer Small Pet Treat

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Suitable for the following small pet breeds:

Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas and ferrets.

The Nobbly Gnawer Small Pet Treat by Pets at Home is a great treat that small animals will love to chomp on.

Made from natural wood and coloured with pet safe vegetable dye, our gnawer will help to prevent your pet£+£s teeth from becoming too long and painful.

Directions for use:

Simply unscrew the wingnut and remove one of the metal washers.

Place the screw between the wires of your pet£+£s home and place the removed metal washer against the outside of your pet£+£s home.

Finally, replace the wingnut on the screw and tighten to secure the Nobbly Gnawer in place.

H 3 x W 3 x D 12cm