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SoluVerm Wormer Sachet 5g (Online Only)

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SoluVerm Wormer Sachet 5g (Online Only)

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Try this effective SoluVerm worming treatment on your small animal.

The worming treatment is effectively for roundworms including Ascarids, Capillaria, Pinworms and Threadworms in a wide range of species.

SoluVerm can be used in pigeons, cage birds, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits.

The wormer sachets are palatable for the animal and include no artificial colouring.

Do not restrict water before use, and use SoluVerm medicated water as the sole source of water for up to 2 days if intake is low.
SoluVerm is a licensed veterinary medicine and is not licensed for use in food species, but may be used in all birds where neither the birds or their eggs are used for food.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 0.3 x 14 x 8cm