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Terrestrial Vivarium (Store Only)

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Terrestrial Vivarium (Store Only)

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A stylish and versatile vivarium designed for you to begin building a personal and creative environment for land dwelling species.

Easily accessible glass front vivarium with lockable doors (lock available separately) and efficient front flow ventilation system.

The ventilation has been built in to the stylish aluminium door rails.

These sleek rails are perforated along their length, allowing cool air to enter at the base and warm air to exit through the top, creating superb air flow and preventing overheating.

This means no rear vents are needed for terrestrial vivariums, allowing solid backgrounds to be used.

Efficient Front-Flow ventilation means; better animal health and wellbeing, less chance of overheating and vents are less likely to be obstructed.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 10 x 50 x 121cm