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Dimmerstat 600 Watt

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Dimmerstat 600 Watt

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The Dimmerstat 600w is an ideal thermomstat for any heat source.

It's design makes it especially good for light emitting heatsources as it will dim or increase the light output to control temperature, rather than turn the light completely on or off, as found with pulse, or on/off stats.

This makes the Dimmerstat 600w ideal for those who strive to recreate a natural environment for their pets.

The Dimmerstat 600w by Microclimate can be used with resistive heat sources.

Can also be used with loads from 5w to 600w.

Appro ximate Dimensions (Packaged):

H 20 x W 14 x D 6cm.

Approximate Product Weight (for Delivery charge calculation): 520gm.