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Oak Tortoise Table 43 Inch

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Oak Tortoise Table 43 Inch

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The Oak Tortoise Table from Monkfield is an open topped tortoise enclosure, removing ventilation issues.

Can be used with lighting and UV equipment such as the Exo Terra Glow Light and 125Watt Solar Glo, which provide all uv needs and an excellent daytime temperature gradient.

The built-in hide has the ability to attach an Exo Terra Small desert heat mat to the cieling, raising night time ambient temperatures, although this may not be neccessary if your house does not fall below 65F.

Unfortunately it is not possible to stock all tank and vivarium styles and sizes in all of our stores all of the time.

Therefore we recommend that you please call your local store to check availability before making a journey.

Please note only the table will be supplied, cabinet, heat mat and lighting are sold seperately, If this product is not already in stock at your local store, they will be able to order it in for you, usually for collection within 7 days.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): H 109 x W 61 x D 23cm.